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A Brief Note On Bitcoin And...

May 15, 2014 | Written by Eric R, CFA analysts Perpetual Value

Over the past decade Perpetual Value, as all sophisticated asset managers, has been operating in an easy money environment

The War on Drugs

Dec 22, 2003 | Paul N. Jaber, Jr., CFA

Background “Things would be different if these companies had a pipeline.” “They used to spend on research and development

More Onerous Accounting Games

Dec 15, 2003 | Paul N. Jaber, Jr., CFA

Though I think the abuse of stock options is most galling, here are two more accounting conventions that raise

Microsoft Musings

Nov 26, 2003 | Paul N. Jaber, Jr., CFA

It Starts with the Balance Sheet One of the fund’s core positions, Microsoft (MSFT) has recently been exhibiting some