Perpetual Value International Ltd and Perpetual Value International Advisors Pte Ltd

In 2003, Perpetual Value launched as a US long/short equity hedge fund and has since grown to a leading global investment firm that invests in public companies around the world. In 2007 and 2008, Perpetual Value had outstanding results from by being hedged before the global financial crisis. Perpetual Value continues to stay ahead of global macro financial trends.

Perpetual Value is headquartered in Singapore and maintains satellite offices globally for research analysts.

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Perpetual Value is driven by an intense investment research process.


Companies Invested In
Perpetual Value is always seeking new investment opportunities.


Companies Researched
Perpetual Value maintains ongoing research on target companies that it believes will generate significant investment rates of return.

What We Do

Perpetual Value seeks to maintain a portfolio of highly concentrated positions in outstanding companies. Perpetual Value seeks to hold each position for a minimum of three years and targets a 200% capital appreciation over that time.


Professionals around the world focused on researching our next portfolio company.

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