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Conviction & Discipline

Sep 8, 2003 | Paul N. Jaber, Jr.

At the risk of sounding like a correctional facility publication, I thought it was fitting to title the newsletter

How Aol’s Return On Capital Falls...

May 24, 2002 | Paul Jaber

Talking Points Return on invested capital, or ROIC, is a cash-on-cash measure of what a company’s rate of return

Examining True Free-cash Flow At AOL

May 8, 2002 | Paul Jaber

Talking Points EBITDA is no longer a meaningful measure, particularly with AOL, which is more appropriately measured by free

Cash Flow Analysis Would Have Flagged Q

Feb 15, 2002 | Paul Jaber

Much has been said in the press recently about free cash flow (FCF). Suddenly, in light of the Enron