Chairman of the Board, General Partner and Portfolio Manager

Paul Jaber, CFA

Paul N. Jaber, Jr., CFA is the general partner and portfolio manager of Perpetual Value. Paul developed the funds’ investment discipline and strategy beginning in 1997 when the technology bubble of March 2000 was just getting started. Paul has over twenty-five years of Wall Street experience honing his analytical skills and running Perpetual. Paul prides himself on having the patience required to run a highly disciplined and concentrated portfolio.

Patience and a keen eye for actual risk are traits not commonly found in most portfolio managers. Paul’s patience to remain focused on global macro themes has allowed the fund to enjoy significantly above average returns over the years, which culminated in returns of 45% and 55% in 2007 and 2008, respectively. When most funds were down double digits, Perpetual not only protected investor money, it was able to achieve significant returns.

During the end of the telecom bubble Paul was working at Deutsche Bank (DB) as the Regional Coordinator of the telecom services team. His position at DB allowed him to expand his industry specific knowledge beyond medical technology. The ability to navigate the complex balance sheets and cash flow statements of the over-leveraged telecom industry, and determine which companies truly stood out, was of paramount importance in preparing for the dot com crash of 2000, and the subsequent mortgage industry blow up in 2007.

Paul left DB disenchanted with the overall amount of leverage in the telecom industry and the general level of hype built into the valuations of technology stocks and the markets in general. He believed investors needed a viable asset management alternative to traditional mutual funds and hyperactive trading hedge funds. A fundamental analysis, research-based approach to investing should spare investors the pain of repeating the same mistakes they made during the bubble years.

Paul is a holder of the CFA designation, and a master’s degree in Banking and Financial Services from Boston University.