Bill Bryant
Associate Director

Bill Bryant

Bill Bryant is an Associate Director of Perpetual Value. Bill began his career in the financing industry in the early 1990’s as a Limited Market Dealer structuring Limited Partnerships in the real estate industry during the development boom in Denver, Colorado.

In the late 1990’s Bill started a corporate Jet management company and concentrated on large corporate jet sales to wealthy individuals and corporations around the world. In 2000, Bill travelled throughout China and Hong Kong promoting and developing the corporate jet market to the Chinese Government and local business leaders.

In 2014 Bill co-managed an office in Toronto Canada for a wealthy family and began his career there structuring products to help major shareholders of publicly traded companies throughout Asia gain liquidity. He also specialized in researching public companies that would benefit from an equity investment.

Today, Bill has attained over 13,000 hours flying as Captain on several makes and models of large corporate jets and is currently the Chief Pilot for the Perpetual Value company jet. He enjoys the responsibility of flying the Perpetual Value executives around the world to meet with their clients and being very mobile to book face-to-face meetings with his own clients and customers worldwide.